Achieving Success with Direct Mail

The most important part of a direct mail campaign is not the copy, the artwork, or even the format when you mail. The single most crucial factor in the success of a direct mail campaign is the mailing list. An excellent mailing package, which has superior design and scintillating copy, could pull more than twice […]

Always Be Ready To Work

Preparation is the key to success, but how many of us are prepared to succeed at a moment’s notice? Sales consultant Eddie Mayen once asked a successful Hollywood agent who worked with lots of actors how he distinguished between a good performer and a truly great one. The agent replied that every ambitious actor has […]

B2B Marketing with Facebook

Facebook has been a terrific tool for many B2C brands to reach out to customers, but can it be of use in the B2B industry? The answer is a resounding “yes.” A number of B2B firms are already making use of Facebook to build strong relationships with both customers and prospects, and for those who […]

Forget Multi-Tasking

In recent years it has been something of a cool trend to suggest that people who multitask – the term for people who are able to engage in the performance of more than one activity at the same time – have some kind of advantage over those who prefer to keep their attention firmly focused […]

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep is very important to our health, with a lack of sufficient sleep being responsible for increasing your risk of serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. A lack of sleep can also cause depression, premature ageing of the skin and affect the memory. Therefore it is important to […]

How to Tell Employees When They Need to Improve

Telling employees that their work doesn’t meet standards isn’t enjoyable or easy, but letting them know how they’re slipping up—and how to improve—is integral to building a strong workforce. Here are tips on how to broach the subject: Don’t wait for an ideal time to tell the employee. There is no best time to tell […]

Solving Problems Effectively

  by Brian Tracy Your ability to communicate is the most important skill you can develop to get on to the fast track in your career. Perhaps the most important thing you do in business is to solve problems and make decisions, both by yourself and with other people. Use A Systematic Process A major […]

The 3 Elements of Communication by Brian Tracy

(That Account for 85% of Your Success) by Brian Tracy Did you know that your ability to communicate effectively with others will do more to make you successful than any other skill that you can develop? Nearly 85% of what you accomplish in your career and in your personal life will be determined by how […]

These Three Techniques Will Help Motivate Your Team

Superior training, great products, and generous perks are all wasted if your team has no motivation to work hard. Here are some field-tested tactics managers can use to pump up their people and help them reach their full potential: 1) Show them how they improve customers’ lives. All employees want to know their work is […]

When It Comes to Marketing Are You One of The 80%?

Successful marketing is nothing more than a math problem. The good news is that if you can master the basics of this math problem, you’ll be set for life. To successfully market your business, you only have to accomplish the following three things: Bring qualified  leads/traffic into your ‘funnel’ or Sales Process Send these leads […]