About Us

 About Us

Hugh Tafel and Tafel Marketing, work with local business owners and professionals to find & attract highly qualified & profitable customers who not only do business long-term but who also refer similar, great customers.

Hugh is a local marketing expert and an independent marketing advisor with DotcomSecrets – the world’s top internet marketing firm and trained as a business coach with the world’s premier business coaching franchise under the auspices of best-selling author, speaker and success expert – Brian Tracy.

He has written numerous business guides in the field of online and social media marketing and has a book published: “Trade Secrets to Marketing Your Business Online”, which is available on Amazon.com at: http://amzn.to/HTBook.

Supplemental to his book, Hugh has created a marketing framework he calls the “R4 Formula” that all businesses should incorporate if they wish to maximize revenues and profits from their marketing.

The foundation of the R4 Formula is Reputation.

Without a good reputation, all of a business’ marketing will be wasted. The challenge for businesses today, however, is that any disgruntled employee or dissatisfied customer can and will post their displeasure online, and this can seriously damage the otherwise good name, of that business.

Here are 2 facts every business today must recognize:

  1. 72% of Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  2. Consumers look at 6-10 reviews online before making a decision

Therefore, a key component of every local business’ marketing must contain what Hugh calls, “Reputation Marketing”, where the business owner is proactive in creating, promoting and managing the company’s reputation online.

The best way to start, Hugh recommends, is to know what people are saying about your company online. Local businesses can do this by obtaining a free Reputation Report by going to: www.YourFreeReputationReport.info.

Hugh has also partnered to create two of the most comprehensive and affordable programs in the market today, to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses: www.RealBusinessMastery.com & www.RealInternetMastery.com

Hugh Tafel is a graduate of the School of Business at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) and was an international calibre athlete in long-distance running. He is an avid skier, outdoorsman and traveler.


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