Forget Multi-Tasking

In recent years it has been something of a cool trend to suggest that people who multitask – the term for people who are able to engage in the performance of more than one activity at the same time – have some kind of advantage over those who prefer to keep their attention firmly focused on one activity at a time.

However, the latest research is actually suggesting the exact opposite – that multitasking actually results in making the process of learning far less effective than the old-fashioned method.

In a recent study, participants who were switching between different tasks lost significant amounts of time and then lost even more time once the tasks started to become more and more complex in nature.

Those who switch from one activity to another end up learning at a much slower rate than those who focus on just the one activity, and they become less efficient and make more mistakes as they go.

The best trick is to simply focus on the task at hand.

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